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Suzana & Tiffany


The beginning of October is always special for me. I have enjoyed preparing my princess Tiffany’s birthday. I’m sure all mothers feel like that before the birthday of their children. This year I haven’t had so much to do, because my daughter had the idea how the birthday cake and the dresses should look like for her big day. Playground in Dreamland Shopping Centre Stadium was chosen. Tiffany invited her friends from her primary school Kreativno Pero as well as her other friends. She wanted to have two dresses which two of us had designed together. The first one was made of lace with golden dust and the other one was decorated with stones. Her wish was to decorate the cake with the image in the style of Audrey Hepburn, but with the image of Tiffany on it. For the birthday my entire family, which is richer for one member – adorable Marko, arrived from Germany. Tiffany was so excited that Mark was going to attend the birthday party. She was really responsible older sister who took care of her younger brother. The birthday party was great, with a lot of laughter and dear people. It’s truly a special source of energy, which always gives you an inspiration for everyday life over and over again ….

Suzana Peric


I am not hiding that I have been occupied these days preparing my new collections that will soon be presented. I spent the summer on Peljesac with my daughter Tiffany and my family and the atmosphere was a new source of inspiration for me. Since I was born in Sarajevo, and I have lived since I was ten in various European cities, each city has a special restaurant and a special dish. Dusseldorf is my favorite destinations and I always recommend Dr Thompson restaurant. It is the place where you can get the best steak and drink wonderful Chilean wine while listening to the world’s best DJs. One of my other favorite destinations is Peljesac and a hidden restaurant in a small place and hunting ground La Barca with a lobster which has just been taken out of the sea, specialties recommended by the owner and local red wine … It has be felt and seen … Of course, I love kebabs (cevap) in somun like all the people from Sarajevo. However, it happens only once a year when it’s time for skiing on Jahorina. Lately, because of my daughter Tiffany and me as well, we try to eat healthy food such as organic fruit and vegetables. Every Saturday we have organic food delivered, which I highly recommend, because you can get a basket of truly organic products to your home for the whole week. We eat buckwheat bread and a lot of fish, or if it is meat only turkey. I cook every day and it’s the period of a day when Tiffany and I enjoy and prepare meals together.. I think she is aware how important healthy eating is and that one should enjoy it. My father is a psychiatrist and he is going to publish a book called “Conscious Nutrition”. I think there will be a lot of useful advice and I highly recommend it to everyone. When it comes to going out, I enjoy the spontaneity and good company. I love the places that have good music, where there is a lively atmosphere, where people smile and radiate positive energy, it can be a club or a café on a raft. I quite often invite my friends home but later at night we often decide to go out. When I eat out it is only W Susi restaurant which is definitely the best one in the city. Then, The Square Nine hotel where there is pure hedonism and Diagonala which after delicious food and wine turns into the atmosphere as the one in New York. Whispering Angel is the wine I drink in Diagonala as well as melon sorbet. My new hidden and favorite place is Homa in Dorcol. Fried garnele and goat cheese with white wine – are recommendation for hidden and romantic summer night. Of course, I must not forget my daughter’s favorite place during a day, rolled chicken tortilla in Smokvica and lemonade in a jug, irresistible … I can say that I am a wine lover and I love the atmosphere it creates. Wine means a pleasant atmosphere, good company and always some nice stories. My favorite wine is sparkling Dom Perignon, it is the best for me. White wines suit me as well, as they are light and provide refreshing cold pleasure, but I choose red wine as well if it matches the food. With a good steak with mushrooms Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect choice. For light dinner I often have Rose wine, it is always a treat for it is a young and cool wine. Wherever I travel I like to try what is authentic for that place. So, the last time I was in Cuba, I tried their red wine and I was delighted with the quality. From the local wineries I would go for manufacturers like Zvonko Bogdan and Radovanovic …